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Khan Tech Trading is a financial technology development company offering solution for Forex, Stocks, & Crypto Trades signals, quantitative modulating, data analysis, artificial intelligence and portfolio structuring and management systems.
KTT, was founded and developed for the purpose of building & upgrading algorithms using strategies developed by experienced traders who have prospered in various kinds of markets. Our algorithms are coded with multiple proven strategies to determine the best windows to enter and exit trades. Along with proper risk management, we enable traders to be more consistent with trade methodology to make and secure profits.

Why Choose Us

Our trading Bots has been runing successfuly since 2013 with an average ROI of 2% monthly 
we have never had a losing month since 2013!!


We have the most accurate “Buy” & “Sell” signals available on the market today period.


We’ve taken complex trading concepts and made them simple to understand so you can trade with confidence.


Our elaborate series of indicators reinforce each and every “Buy” & “Sell” signal you get. No more guesswork!


This algo is equipped with multiple trading strategies designed for scalper, day trader, swing trader, & investors

FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out )

Common Mistakes Made By Traders

Picking the right entry price is particularly difficult. Many traders hedge against the wrong entry price and bad timing by sitting tight. What often happens is that the trade is then stopped out dozens of times per trading session. Therefore while the traders reset, the market moves on, making money for someone else. Frustrated, traders then overcompensate by setting fewer stop losses, resulting in exposure to significant risks.

Turn your Errors to Profit

Our Solution Work

Our quantitative trading solution led to the creation of a sophisticated trading strategy that is aided with advanced software. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence, investors of all caliber can now trade without emotions!


Key Feature of Our Algorithms

Buy and Sell Signals

Khan Tech Trading algo uses mathematical equations and provide your the best trading signals

EMA Cloud Conformation

The algo automatically alerts when an establish support resistance area is broken

Auto Trend Lines

Say good bye to the hassle of drawing manual trend lines. The Khan Tech algo will automatically do it for you.

Support and Resistance

Avoid the hassle of finding support and resistance levels. Our algo will automatically do that for you

Know Your Stock Volatility

The algo's volatility line help you understand on a micro level whether the stock is bullish or bearish

Break Out Signals

The Algo automatically monitors a squeeze and alerts when a breakout takes place

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Performance Results Running Since 2013

Leave Emotions Aside, Trade With A.I.

Artificial Intelligence  Trading

This A.I. Trading Technology algorithm uses a proprietary neural network that analyzes the market depth, and looks for patterns of pre-set mathematical models (such as fractals, EMAs, Harmonic waves and Fibonacci) that allows it to understand and forecast the market´s trends on a real-time basis. While machine learning may be a relatively new term for the financial industry, neural networking is well recognized, particularly in quants. The model is a short-term volatility break-out driven system, that applies strict risk management principles, all of which have been thoroughly back-tested. Within milliseconds, our system can choose the most appropriate strategy.

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